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With the purchase of any winter M Coat!
Limited time offer. Sling size will correspond to your coat size: XS and S coats will receive a Petite sling, M and L will get an Average size sling and XL and 2XL will get a Tall/Plus sized sling. We are unable to offer a choice of sling colour.

The Amazing MCoat! easily the smartest wardrobe purchase you will ever make!

The M Coat is beautifully designed and crafted in Canada, made of pure premium Canadian down, and it's machine washable! Finally, the perfect coat to keep you and your baby snug and warm as you venture through the stages of Motherhood: from Maternity, to Mama, and back to Myself! The M Coat can be used with any front pack, mei tai, or sling style carrier. Canadian Spirit Downwear continues to lead the way in Fashion-meets-Function Outerwear. is the authorized online retailer of The MCoat. We have the best prices and full selection of sizes and colors.

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MRain M Rain coat

The New M Shell - A Perfect Spring and Fall Jacket
...perfect for Wind, Frost and anything else a Canadian Spring or Fall can throw at you!MRain M Rain coat

Please allow us to introduce the M Coat Spring and Fall version! A hip length, bonded fleece lined jacket with water resistant outer membrane. This multi-season jacket comes complete with the baby wearing / maternity panel made famous by M Coat and has a fleece-lined hood and generously sized zipper pockets. The waistband cinches inside for a flattering silhouette and the panel can be adjusted snugly under a growing belly or around baby. FREE Shipping to Canada and USA Shop for you M Shell Jacket Now!

The UpMama! Carrier
Babies ask for it by name!

Trusted by thousands of parents since it's birth in 2004, UpMama is among the world's best reviewed baby slings and is a top choice of babywearing educators and childbirth professionals. Described as both a Pouch/RingSling Hybrid and an Adjustable Pouch, the UpMama sling style carrier's intuitive design is a game changer!

The UpMama's soft structured pouch allows parents to quickly and easily mimic natural in-arms carrying positions. Experts agree this is the most secure,
comfortable and developmentally appropriate way to carry a baby. It's the perfect baby carrier for new parents a quick, easy, and wiggle proof hip sling for older babies and busy toddlers.

A convenient zipper pocket just big enough for the essentials means you can leave the diaper bag and stroller at home and enjoy the freedom and closeness sling style carriers have given parents since the beginning of time. UpMama is the natural evolution of humankind's first and most important invention!

The UpMama is proudly made in Canada.

FREEShipping to Canada and USA

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